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read the new Shark cypher. II (3rd impression.). The ships were still vulnerable while unloading at Murmansk, Arkhangelsk and Polyarny and Hawker Hurricane fighters delivered by the first Arctic convoy, were intended for air defence against the Luftwaffe. Retrieved Further reading edit Books Websites Cowan, Brendan (2016). Some sources suggest that Walker was hit by ground fire near Alta airfield, on the outward leg to the fiord. The maritime strike element comprised 16 Handley Page Hampden torpedo-bombers each from 144 Squadron, Royal Air Force (RAF) and 455 Squadron, Royal Australian Air Force (raaf).

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And in the afternoon reported that Tirpitz was still at Narvik. By late September, the S SF was experiencing increased attention from the Luftwaffe. The flights from Shetland could take 16 hours before the first landfall and low stratus cloud often prevented celestial navigation, the crew having to rely on dead reckoning instead. Tirpitz and other, kriegsmarine surface vessels. Retrieved Löwenstein, Magnus (2012). Instead of meeting homeward-bound QP convoys near Bear Island, QP 14 was to remain in port until PQ 18 was near its destination, despite the longer journey being more demanding of the escort crews, fuel and equipment. The convoy handed over its distant escorts and Avenger to the homeward bound Convoy QP 14 near Archangelsk on 16 September and continued with the close escort and local escorts, riding out a storm in the northern Dvina estuary and the last attacks by the. History of the Second World War (2nd rev. From above, the Arctic tundra looked uninviting but having landed, the crews found the Soviet Naval Aviation ( Morskaya Aviatsiya ) base at Lake Lakhta an idyllic setting, lying amidst woods and cliffs. Swedish witnesses claimed that a Luftwaffe fighter had pursued P5304 over the Norwegian border and may have shot it down. Three flag officers were detached to Olso in command of minesweeping, coast defence, patrols and minelaying off the west, north and polar coasts. Aircraft losses edit Handley-Page Hampden TB 1 (45 September 1942) 144 Squadron RAF (squadron code prefix "PL AE310 squadron code unknown, pilot unknown: fuel shortage over Afrikanda led to a forced landing, the crew was unhurt but the aircraft was damaged. Their route would keep the Hampdens a minimum of 60 nmi (69 mi; 110 km) from German-occupied territory but was clearly too risky. Perry, suffered from icing problems and was forced to take an alternate, lower altitude route. The surviving Hampdens were to be flown back to Scotland but the crews had doubts about the prevailing west-east headwinds, which could push the aircraft beyond their maximum range. Canberra: Australian War Memorial. Hampden AT138 "PL-C" of 144 Squadron, was attacked over Finland by a fighter of Jagdgeschwader 5 (JG 5 three crew and one passenger were killed.

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"Chapter 11, The Air War at Sea: January to September 1942". BP889 squadron code unknown, F/O Gavin Walker: shot down on a sortie to Altafiord and crashed on the shores of Lakselv, Norway, late on the morning of 27 September, killing Walker. If the Catalina sent a sighting report, it would come too late for the Hampdens to attack and as a precaution, Hopps ordered the 23 operational Hampdens up 5:00.m. Arctic Bf 109 and Bf 110 Aces. Some sources describe 144 Squadron as Canadian, a false impression because Canadian Associated Aircraft (Quebec Group) had manufactured many of the Hampdens involved in the operation and Royal Canadian Air Force (rcaf) personnel were attached to 144 and 455 squadrons; neither was an rcaf Article. Contents Background edit Arctic convoys edit Main articles: Arctic convoys of World War II and Home Fleet In October 1941, after Operation Barbarossa, the German invasion of the ussr, which had begun on 22 June, the Prime Minister, Winston Churchill, made a commitment to send. From what turned out to be a false alarm; Tirpitz having moved to a nearby fjord. B Convoy hiatus edit Following Convoy PQ 16 and the disaster to PQ 17 in July 1942, Arctic convoys were suspended for nine weeks and much of the Home Fleet was detached to the Mediterranean. Loftus, NSW: 455 Productions. Colthurst) had arrived from the United States and was added to the escort force. Late on 4 September, the Hampdens of the Leuchars Wing took off for Russia. From 12 to 21 September, PQ 18 was attacked by bombers, torpedo-bombers, U-boats and mines, which sank thirteen ships at a cost of forty-four aircraft and four U-boats. AE356, piloted by Sgt Walter Hood (144 Sqn became caught up in a German air raid over the Kola Inlet and was attacked in error by VVS fighter pilots. One pilot made a wheels-up landing in soft ground at Khibiniy, several miles north of Afrikanda and the other Hampden was written-off after hitting tree stumps. Retrieved Schofield, Ernest; Nesbit, Roy Conyers (1987). Enigma showed that Tirpitz was still in Narvik on 14 September and on 16 September, a Swedish source, A2, reported that only Admiral Hipper, Admiral Scheer and Koln would operate against. Signals intelligence edit Main articles: Ultra and B-Dienst The British Government Code and Cypher School (GC CS) based at Bletchley Park housed a small industry of code-breakers and traffic analysts. By late 1941, the convoy system used in the Atlantic had been established on the Arctic run; a convoy commodore ensured that the ships' masters and signals officers attended a briefing to make arrangements for the management of the convoy, which sailed in a formation. The location of the wreck was discovered in 1991 and the crew were buried with full military honours at the Allied cemetery in Arkhangelsk in 1993. The Hampden crews were to follow a route similar to that of the Spitfires, flying north to Burrafirth in Shetland and the fly on a course to reach Norway at 66N, cross the mountains in the dark, overfly northern Sweden, in violation of Swedish neutrality. A direct route over the mountains of Norway would be only 1,100 nmi (1,300 mi; 2,000 km) long but the fuel consumed in climbing high enough would leave little left to overcome head winds, engine trouble, navigation errors or a landing delay. He and his passenger were taken prisoner. F Four Hampdens were shot down or forced to land in German-held territory.

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